We design
Life Experiences
for your talents.

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We design
Life Experiences
for your talents.
Wherever your talents are,
Placeholdrs brings them closer
to your culture, life quality and enjoyment.

Why the f*ck
are we talking about
Life Experience?
Work is an important part of our lives, but let’s be honest: it’s not everything. Even with the rising power of cryptos, time is the most valuable currency we have and it’s time for you to make that count - within and beyond working hours.

So, the question is not why we give a damn about life experiences. It should be how you can care about your talents’ lives and turn everyday’s work into a genuine experience.

It’s all about
attracting talents
and keeping them.
Mind the gap.
Talents are not only new hires. They will enrich your company, your team, they’re the impersonation of cultural fit. But frankly, until they have completely settled in, they have no clue about your values, your culture and if you two will match.
Make themselves at home.
The first weeks at a new workplace are draining, really. And even the smoothest onboarding doesn’t help the new guy when the 8 hours are over and they have to jump into the cold water (for you urbanists: we mean “city”).
Don’t get boring.
Inspiration seem to be the magic bullet of our times, but has reached a level of boring automation. People don’t need simple inspiration, they want human ideas, insights and feelings. Time for the “human” in HR to rise and shine.
We’re gonna express
your unique culture

through your city.
Use placeholdrs, make the world a better place for your humans and create lasting life experiences for talents on-the-go and future team members.

It’s time to shine, innovate and care!

Culture Mapping.
Find out what your culture really is, how people tick, what makes you different and how you can embrace the different personalities.
Experience Package.
Get individually curated recommendations for your city, thought and updated seasonally by our experience-setters around the globe.
Placeholdrs Platform.
Bring your culture to the streets by creating your own company and city profiles and sharing them with your team. Stay tight, it’s coming soon.
We are originals
born to enjoy life,
to the fullest.
With more than a decade of international experience and our passion for life changing experiences, we create impact through creative methods, human-oriented thinking, fresh ideas and strategic exploration.

We are looking for black sheeps, explorers & partners in crime. We don’t care what you’ve done, all we want is your passion!

Jennifer Merk
I'm Co-founder
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I'm COO & Head of Growth
International Growth Consultant. Lifestyle Addict. Travel enthusiast. Happy Soul.
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Adrian Borsoi
I'm Founder
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I'm CEO & Head of Vision
Multi-awarded Strategic Designer. Creative Thinker. Determined Doer. Dinosaurs lover.